Turkish steam saunas

LOREMA Wellness s.r.o. (former name Sapho Hydro&Air s.r.o.) is the only Czech company developing and producing professional hydro-massage and wellness appliances and components for home and public use since 1995.

Steam saunas and wellness facilities are supplied on a turnkey basis and meet the parameters for home and public operation. At realization, we use solely the special building chemical products by MAPEI for steam-proof rooms. The whole inner space including the floor and the ceiling is in most cases tiled with a glass mosaic by Ezarri (it is also possible to choose different alternatives), which guarantees great looks, extremely easy maintenance and long service time. Since it is always a custom realization, the price is calculated individually for each order according to the accessories and variations.

For full satisfaction of our customers, we have developed a completely new line of steam generators, which allow you to enjoy steam spa in the privacy of your home or in public facilities.

Steam generator can be installed in every sauna or room which will serve as a steam sauna. Steam generator installation is very easy, therefore you can create your steam room on your very own.
Steam generator is delivered with all components needed for its installation.
Individual models of steam generators also include all due accessories according to the steam generator type (e.g. light, radio etc.).
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