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Steam generator installation

Steam generator is for everybody who wants to have their own steam sauna. Steam generator can be used both at home and in public facilities. If you have a room that you do not use and you would like to do something for your relaxation and health, a steam generator is the right choice for you!

Steam generator installation is very simple and, with our manual, you will certainly deal with it on your own. Electrical installation must, however, for safety reasons be always carried out by a competent person!
Everybody who has a free room and wants to use it for relaxation and rest can install a steam generator at home.
Because of our insufficient capacity, the company SAPHO Hydro & Air does not offer steam generator installation.

Add.: Fig. 1
Figure 1 shows an example of a steam generator installation.
Steam generator is placed in a protected well-ventilated area next to the closed steam room. Steam outlet is built into the wall on the left side of the steam room and it is covered with a bench, so that it prevents injury caused by a direct contact with the steam outlet. Electronic control with integrated temperature sensor is placed on the wall on the right side of the steam room, so that it is as close to the entry door as possible.
The installation is only an example, every installation must be considered individually, depending on the options of the space dimensions and placement of elements.

Steam generator installation
Fig. 1

Add.: Fig. 2
Figure 2 shows the placement of the individual elements. Steam generator is placed in another room next to the steam room.
The pipe leads from the steam generator and ends in the steam outlet.
We recommend keeping the pipe as short as possible (0,5m - 1m). Pipes must have a horizontal shape (without bends and joints).
The electronic control is placed on the wall inside the steam room and it can be placed up to 6 m from the steam generator.

Placement of the individual elements
Fig. 2


Steam generator must not be placed in the steam room.
Steam generator must be placed in a dry, well ventilated place, easily accessible for cleaning and servicing.
Steam generator must be installed in a stable horizontal position, however, it can be also placed on the wall by means of key grooves, which are a part of the steam generator package.
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