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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does work steam sauna?
    Steam sauna is a room or cabin where the steam is drifted. Heat is created by steam which has got 100°C. Steam is formed by water and therefore is damp. The amount of steam is determining the final temperature in sauna. Cabin is in mostly cases covered by mosaic - tiny tiling where one small cube of each colour at the mosaic measures most of the time 2x2 cm.

  • Is steam sauna suitable also for children?
    Sauna is suitable for children from three years old. Even children from some nursery school are using steam sauna regularly twice a week but it is strongly recommended to observe children during the first few visit at sauna and do not force them to stay at sauna if they do not appreciate this experience. The stay of children at steam sauna should be shorter then the stay of adult persons. The stay of small children should be max. ten minutes divided into few short visits.

  • What common temperature is at the steam rooms?
    The temperature at steam sauna is not precisely set or recommended. It always depends on the amount of steam in room. Common temperature is between 40 and 50C.

  • What common damp is at the steam room?
    The environment of Turkish sauna is based on steam, which is damp, therefore the overall damp is 100 percent.

  • I am just starting with using sauna and do not know if I should use Turkish or Finish sauna. What is your recommendation?
    Steam or in other words Turkish sauna is cooler then Finish sauna. Moreover there is also higher relative damp and therefore during the process of breathing out the mucous membrane are not drying out and breathing is smoother. Each person may prefer different kind of sauna, some do not prefer sauna at all. But for beginners we would recommend steam(Turkish) sauna for its smooth environment and lesser temperature in room.

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